The Dangerous Kind!

The whole idea of letting your fire go,
For someone who only breathes fire,
Is so dangerous,
In a moment of realization,
When your heart gets heavy,
And it feels like your head may blast,
If you didn’t let all that love out,
Like you actually, literally have reached
A point where you feel,
“You’re above my fire,
That’s it, I’ll gulp down my own fire for you”,
That kind of love is dangerous,
And that’s the kind of love
We need!

The Brown-Eyed Boy

I saw him on a ‘Delhi-winter-noon’,

In absolute arguable dismay,

‘Baby, I can’t see you’, ‘But how? I’m in a white taxi’

Silver it was, and impatient I was,

The brown-eyed boy was standing afar,

We met, it felt like the first snowfall,

Running around the crossway,

Making our way to the careful orchestration,

We sat,

Despite month-long midnight escapades,

We sat,

Like it was the first day at school,

Across the table was a charmer,

Curled in smoke rings and Italian flavor,

Looking through,

My head at war,

We strolled in & through gleaming sunlight,

Enveloped in enchanting fate,

In a perfectly manoeuvered serendipity,

Similarly flawed & misfit, in ways,

He felt right,

Right to fight to, right to fight for,

And here I am, 2 years later, married

Still, fighting for, still fighting with,

My Brown-eyed boy,

To be the ‘happilys’,

Of his ‘ever afters’!

What’s a love without a tragedy !

Scribblers Arena


Dear man,

I know it is tough really really tough to live with these burdens they have put on you and tried to fill your ears about me but I want you to know I am not at all like what they tell you I am and I don’t want you to be anything like they want you to be, because I want you to be you and this does not get us to a fairy tale ending where there will be all love and no fights, there will be love and fights but above all there will be trust and understanding and we wont need to go to an island and live in a forest to experience this kind of love, because we will stay where we are now and in amidst of this concrete jungles we will build our own garden of love which will have flowers of…

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Blink of an Eye

Scribblers Arena

Looking back

on a life that has passed,

left wondering

why it went so fast.

Gone within

the blink of an eye,

now your

left to sit and sigh.

Not enough

time to count your regrets,

more than enough

for what you wish to forget.

Would it be different

if you had another chance,

or is there no way

it could have been enhanced.

Time will

wait for no soul

but it

designates what is your role.

full frame shot of eye Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak on

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