The stereotypical!

The stereotypical,
Its atrocious and insanely frequent,
How one would choose to be so hysterically radical,
One will spend an entire eternity
Foolishly choosing to invest on someone,
Negating the rare chances of it staying,
Living in a reverse retrospect,
Imagining self to be in absolute power,
Avoiding the million slaps of clear ignorance,
And then one would stereotype,
‘Oh you girls’
Really? Look at you,
I dare you to stereotype,
I dare you to rewind a memory or two too,
Did the spine never demand your erection?
Or the stereotypical foolish investment,
In a mining gold dust pixie,
That vanished to pandora at the first chance,
Was your kinda stereotype!


Have you noticed,
How everything old has this beautiful,
Nasally mellifluous kinda fragrance,
Libraries full of old books,
Mom’s hair from her extralong hugs,
Lanes from your growing years,
Ripped Jeans from early years of college,
Pictures with no wrinkles,
Grandma’s Pickle jars,
Dad’s perfume,
oh, no matter where I am,
I will recognize them all,


Stranger from the metro,
No, she can’t be stupid enough to forget putting the keys in your bag like everyday,
Because probably she was late, tired, occupied, dying or even merely distracted,
But yes, definitely she’s stupid enough to let you believe that she should, Every day,
Stranger, from the other end,


It’s funny how they fall carelessly for the Wild in you,
And then try to tame the wild,
Because now the wild is won over,
Now the wild is a bit too wild,
Now the wild is raising eye brows,
So now be wild nomore,
But hey, Give it some time,
Wait for it,
They’ll come back,
Come back for the claims,
Claims of how now you aren’t enough

The Last Safe Place!

Don’t let go off the wild in you,
Not for the one who claims to love you,
Not for the one you claim to love,
Not for the house you left behind,
Not for the one you came in,
Not for the people you miss talking to,
Not for the one who don’t care to talk,
Hear yourself darling, Hear yourself out,
Don’t drive yourself nuts,
Don’t subtly scream your lungs out in your head,
Don’t cry for what isn’t coming back,
And not at all for what you forsee,
As crazy as it may look or sound,
You are your saving grace,
You are and will be your last safe place!

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