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Kashmir, Bloody (n) Paradise!

Or as we call it Kasheer!

I have not seen heaven (given that there is any) and honestly have never understood your comparison with it. I’m sold on the idea that chances are you are better and your value is largely inconspicuous and understated among humans.

Either way, you are beautiful. I have traveled with (and to) you so much, that you almost feel like a person now. Over the years you and I have only gotten better, ferociously co-dependent of course, but better. You make me happy, you are awfully erratic, addictively gorgeous, sometimes distressed, and a lot demanding. You are like the ex I know is toxic, but what the hell? I mean, you know if you know!

Your quiet has the right amount of noise!

Anyway, the more I talk about this city, the more I want to go back and never leave. And one may feel it is because I feel like home there, No. It is exactly what I do not feel. If I wanted to feel at home I’d stay home. It is more like living in a Time Warp (or in hyperlapse). You can hear yourself breathe, your heart pounding, the sound of your steps on dry Chinar leaves, the wind steering through mountains, the rocks and pebbles in Jhelum, you can hear it all loud and clear.

There is a lot of white space in that city!

It hasn’t still surrendered to the 60:40 revenue model. If you are a reader living in India but serving people outside the homeland you know what I mean.

It may seem like it is the perfect city for romantics, but it is not, or maybe it is and I am just not a very romantic human (not complaining), more of a doer than a dreamer. For me, it is a perfect place to channel your thoughts. Align your chakras! Come down to a point zero in your head if you have been waking up bewildered lately. Works like magic. This also was Nia’s (my first born) first trip to native, the first flight ever, comparatively long travel, etc. It was overwhelming. This girl is astoundingly calm for her firsts, her calm often scares me.

Does she get excited or impressed by anything or is there a bit too much of me in her? Well, I’ll figure that out in time, until then I hope she keeps the bars high! Always!


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