Beirut, Stay Strong!

It’s easier said than done!

This hasn’t sounded more apt than ever, as much as it would today for Beirut. Last night men, women, other, children – have slept in shattered pieces of their homes. The one they built with affection, sweat, and some very hard-earned money.

Now I say very, because aren’t we aware of the geopolitical situation, we are. Could you, even in your wildest dreams, imagine the plight of the families who saw their world falling apart, and having no control over – even trying to fix it before it was completely broken, no you cannot! The house that carried memories of loved ones, the one someone grew up in, the one someone probably saved for their last days, the one where there was supposed to be a marriage, a death, a funeral, a birth, a date, anything, literally anything. It’s all gone.

Sit where you are, and imagine all the walls around you falling one by one, and every little thing in your house that you have put together blasting off, and even then you wouldn’t know how it feels. I don’t either, and god forbid I ever do. But it kills me to know that there are people situation-ally handicapped and the government is too busy pulling strings that haven’t been beneficial for their economy, as if it wasn’t enough that their economy was collapsing and now, they have this to take care of or say learn to live with.

And in a generic conversation with a friend today about Beirut, he mentioned how this is the call of nature and there always comes a time when earth takes it upon itself to fix things because we aren’t (Also casually mentioned Thanos).

Firstly, this was not natural it was man-made, secondly please put yourself in a barrel, cause you need maturing.

I immediately lost interest in the conversation because, how conveniently have we adjusted to the idea of death and catastrophe. And learned to make jokes about it, not because we are okay with what happened, but because we know we wouldn’t move an inch if it isn’t my house, my family, or myself.

Such people, ahh, these mothballs will shed, but only as long as it’s remote (both mentally and physically), I’ll preach but I’ll not move my ass, and be a tree and wait for the world to change on its own. And if that’s not enough, I’ll criticize the ones who try. Of all the situations in their life where they could open their mouth to freaking make a valid point, this is where they decide to exercise fundamental rights in a free democracy, at least on papers.

Beirut, I’m not sure how long will it take and how many more people have suffered and how on earth would they ever collect the courage to restart their lives, but I hope they do, I hope they have the strength to get up, collect the last few pieces, put them together and start again, even if it isn’t very swift, do it slowly, but do so!

Don’t let the aftermath devastate you mentally!

(NOTE: Pardon my careless writing errors, I was pissed!)

6 thoughts on “Beirut, Stay Strong!”

  1. My brother had seen me the video last night but at the time I was like, it was like rest of the blast but when I went into depth I came across that it was ridiculous explosion, of 2750 MT Ammonium Nitrate… The whole Beirut shook, even it’s not wrong the whole world…😶😶

    The president and other officials are still not aware that how many fatalities had been recorded and economic damage!!! It’s the worst ever hit video I ever watch!!😶😶

    May those Souls Rest in Peace, Beirut had definitely a long fight to go …


    1. I agree. The video has shaken so many people, it was scary to even watch it. One can only imagine how bad it would have been for the one making it or for all those present there, I hope they find their peace soon.


  2. One week on and still no-one taking personal responsibility only politicians blaming each other for this horrific blast that has destroyed so many lives. Lebanon was already in an economic disaster and it is hard to imagine how on earth the country can rebuild again after what was already at breaking point. I have made a post on ways in which people can help Lebanon and would really appreciate people taking a look and joining in the help to rebuild Beirut again. Everyone can do something to help and the worst thing people could do right now is remain silent because they are abroad or not directly affected. Lebanon is a beautiful country with so much potential. Sadly just been in the wrong hands for so many years. Its time for real change to happen.

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