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The Brown-Eyed Boy

I saw him on a ‘Delhi-winter-noon’,

In absolute arguable dismay,

‘Baby, I can’t see you’, ‘But how? I’m in a white taxi’

Silver it was, and impatient I was,

The brown-eyed boy was standing afar,

We met, it felt like the first snowfall,

Running around the crossway,

Making our way to the careful orchestration,

We sat,

Despite month-long midnight escapades,

We sat,

Like it was the first day at school,

Across the table was a charmer,

Curled in smoke rings and Italian flavor,

Looking through,

My head at war,

We strolled in & through gleaming sunlight,

Enveloped in enchanting fate,

In a perfectly manoeuvered serendipity,

Similarly flawed & misfit, in ways,

He felt right,

Right to fight to, right to fight for,

And here I am, 2 years later, married

Still, fighting for, still fighting with,

My Brown-eyed boy,

To be the ‘happilys’,

Of his ‘ever afters’!

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